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Please enjoy these postcard tracts below with the full versions at the bottom of the page.

“Behold, I am coming soon!”

-Jesus in Revelation 22:7

Every second, 2 people die.

You next?

Trust Jesus died for your sins personally, tell Him you believe Him for this! The promise of Heaven and not Hell! Please see, “My Bucket List – The Promise of Heaven,” below!

For FREE tracts, please email me and I’ll send you some 4” x 6” flyer tracts! The rapture, normal bucket list, and healing the heart are all available FREE in English and Spanish!

As the Lord provides the time and resources, I will send these tracts out out! If you would like to order some inexpensive tracts for yourself, please see online instructions on the bottom of the page, for the simple instructions with Vistaprint (where I order them from).

Digital copies of the tract – send out for FREE instantly!

You may email this tract as a PDF form or screenshot it from the website or PDF on your phone!

What I did, is took a screenshot of the tract (after I downloaded the PDF to my phone) and texted the screenshot (pages 1 and 2, as one screenshot) via text to family, friends, and my classmates from high school! I texted it with some short words of the end times and gospel (that Christ died for our sins and need to personally trust He did that for you) and short video or two. Ask the Lord what to do and He will help you! You may also take a screenshot of the tract, from this website and crop it, if needed. This is a FREE way to get the message out, instantly! You can also download the PDF on the website here and email it out.

Tracts • Web Links • Videos


Click PDF Image To Download The PDF

What in the world is going on – My bucket list 4 x 6 Spanish

My Bucket List – The Promise of Heaven Pamphlet PDF

My Bucket List – The Promise of Heaven Pamphlet_ Spanish PDF

Website links:

Wonderful letter and video of the Father’s amazing love for you, me, and everyone on the planet!

A powerful website, showing the history of the faith, how 11/12 disciples were martyred, and evidence for the Bible with the promise of Heaven!

A lot of great content, from a New Covenant and grace perspective, that Jesus came to bring and Paul and others proclaimed clearly!

Have questions about this or that religion? This or that topic? Check this website out! Hundreds of thousands of answers! Remember, always measure everything you read or hear with Scripture and the finished work of Jesus Christ on the cross!

Reaching Indians Ministries International. A wonderful ministry that reaches many hard, unreached parts of the world, such as India and surrounding countries! They have seminaries that equip and train ministers of the gospel, to reach the lost, plant churches, and disciple believers! I highly recommend learning more about them, getting involved with them, and donating to them, as the Lord allows!

Grip Outreach for Youth is a wonderful ministry in the heart of the city of Chicago, that reaches at risk youth, taking them off the streets, and giving them a productive environment to learn and grow in Christ and in their lives, through one-on-one discipleship and group fellowship and activities! I highly recommend learning more about them, getting involved with them, and donating to them, as the Lord allows!

God’s Simple Plan of Salvation – I highly recommend for giving out Gospel Tracts in other languages! You can download the PDF files and give them away.  In addition, if you order 500 or more tracts, you may have them customized if interested.  Feel free to put on the tracts, if customized!


YouTube Channels I follow from time to time:

(Please note: it is good and healthy to take a break from watching all these Bible prophecy videos. Make sure to spend time with the Lord in His word and get healthy verse by verse teaching through the Bible, like Pastor Andy (below) and others have. Our main focus is Jesus and not a date or any news event, but knowing Jesus and His deep love for us and waiting patiently for His return!)

MarriageTV (For both singles and married. Questions and Answers from Pastor Bob, from God’s holy word!)

Tim Henderson (Brother Tim has a heart for people and loves sharing the gospel of grace from 1 Corinthians 15:1-4! He brings current headlines and imminent return of the Lord Jesus to the focus also!)

Watchman River (Brother Tom has a heart for Jesus and people, as simple as that! He has been looking for the return of the Lord for decades and points people to His imminent return! Brother Tom has great current events, encouragement from God’s word, and the gospel message! Share him with those you know, who are confused or wondering what is going on?!)

Andy Woods (Pastor Andy and Pastor Jim have PPOV (Pastors Point of View) every Friday with current events updates. They are encouraging and meaningful! Even if you can’t watch every week, that’s okay, because often times, information is the same, just updated per that week.  His YouTube series on the Rapture and Ever Reforming (just 14 lessons), are phenomenal. The rapture series is long, so even just watching some in at the start, middle, and ending would help…so much confusion out there with the rapture and gospel and he clarifies from God’s holy word! He has different books he goes through verse by verse, like Genesis and so on, as well!)

Watchman On The Wall 88 (Brother Chad, shares short prophetic updates with the gospel at the end! I love his passion and care for the lost!)

Rock Harbor Church Bakersfield (Pastor Brandon has a heart for prophecy with his updates and gospel of grace teaching! See his Rumble channel also, for his spiritual warfare series…it’s long but so worth it! I learned and was edified so much! Also see his (and other people’s) Rumble channels, if their YouTube channel is ever suspended.)

Jan Markell (I found Jan’s channel in 2018 and that is when I learned Bible prophecy and was hooked! Thank you Jan and ministry! She has different guests on weekly and this will encourage you in your walk with Jesus and to share the rapture with others!)

Hope For Our Times (Pastor Tom has such a keen way of sharing end times prophetic headlines and the Scriptures, with his guests, that will inspire and motivate you, as it does me!)

Prophecy Watchers (A team of believers who share prophetic news and interview guests with their publications! They have much to share and have much experience over the years, of looking for the Lord’s soon return!)

Generation2434 (Brother Tyler has a lot of insight and has longer videos, that I typically watch at normal speeds or sometimes at 1.5 speed, with current event topics, guests, and pointing to the imminent return of Christ!)

If you would like to order cheap 4×6” flyers on Vistaprint (where I order them), its very easy:

  • Download the PDF(s) that you would like.

  • Then go to “Chat” on the bottom right. Mention to the representative you would like to send them a PDF file for a flyer printout. They may ask you to email it to them, which is also an option, but uploading it in the chat should work just fine.  You may also call them, if desired, at 1(866)207-4955.

  • Copy and paste these instructions below, and paste it into the chat:

Product Name: Flyers

Size: 4″ x 6″

Backside: Color

Paper Stock: Matte

Paper Thickness: Standard

Product Orientation: Horizontal

Note: You can rename the flyer online by clicking on the pencil and renaming it to “What in world bucket list” or as you choose!

  • Ask Vistaprint in the chat, for the highest discount available for the flyers now. Then, type it in the code section or they will automatically apply it. Just make sure it is applied before you let them go.  You should get a discount of 10-40% typically.

  • Don’t forget to share the gospel with them! I do this and say,

“Thank you for your help! I hope that you also trust that Jesus died for your sins, tell Jesus now! This will be the promise of Heaven and not Hell! Please read, listen, or watch the gospel of John at, where there is this and much more! ”. 

Please feel free to copy and paste that exact paragraph!

  • Just checkout and determine the shipping and so on information!

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